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Artist Bio







about the Artists

Lead Artists

Didik Nini Thowok, whose real name 'is' Didik Hadiprayitno, was born in Temanggung on November 13, 1954. As a multi-talented artist, Didik Nini Thowok is well known throughout Indonesia and internationally for his unique dance forms combining classical, modern and contemporary techniques, as well as his comedic dance expressions. As Indonesia’s most acclaimed cross-gender dance artist, Didik is known to be the successor of various cross-gender dance traditions in Indonesia, including mask dances, dance traditions of Sunda, Cirebon, Bali, Central Java and many other local traditions. Aside from being a master dancer, Didik is also Founder and Director of Lakshita Natya Dance School, the Didik Nini Thowok Foundation, and Didik Nini Thowok Entertainment.

Project Conceiver & Producer

Ratri Anindyajati is a creative producer and cultural manager from Indonesia. Her extensive background of work included 4 years of supervising the producing department at the Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF – Jakarta’s biannual international performing arts festival) as well as leading organizational engagements with the Salihara Theater, Jakarta. Ratri is currently a candidate of Master of Fine Arts in Creative Producing and Management at the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. Her main interest is to lead, produce and engage in local and international collaboration as well as multilateral exchange and cooperation for arts and culture projects of sustaining significance.



Artistic Collaborators

Project Adviser - Maria Darmaningsih

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Born in Jakarta in 1956, Maria Darmaningsih is one of the leading traditional and contemporary dancers from Indonesia who has worked with many acclaimed contemporary Indonesian choreographers, including Sardono W. Kusumo and Sulistyo Tirtokusumo. Her dance training began with Central Javanese Royal Court traditional dance at the age of 6, followed by a degree in Bachelors of Dance from Indonesia Arts Institute Yogyakarta (ISI) where she later deepened her techniques in contemporary dance. Maria is a professor and Assistant Dean for External Cooperation at the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Jakarta Institute of the Arts (IKJ). She is also a co-founder and currently serving as Director of the Indonesian Dance Festival – Jakarta’s international contemporary dance festival.

Costume Designer - Jocelyn Dimaya

Jocelyn Dimaya is an artist whose work includes costume design, sculpture, performative objects, and community engagements. Jocelyn is especially interested in how her art can promote cultural diversity, community building, and social change.

Composer - Sean Hayward

Sean Hayward is a composer and performer based in Los Angeles. Although he focuses on classical guitar, he also performs regularly on electric and fretless guitars. His music is a reflection of his wide ranging interests, which include Javanese gamelan, process music, Balkan folk music, contemporary classical guitar, extreme metal, and ancient tuning systems. Hayward is currently a doctoral candidate in the Performer-Composer program at California Institute of the Arts. Aside from performing as a soloist, Hayward performs regularly as one half of the guitar-violin duo, Duo Meranti, an ongoing collaboration with composer-violinist, Chrysanthe Tan. Hayward is also the leader and founder of the experimental Indonesian music collective, Gamelan Suara Baru.

Puppet Artist - Miranda Kahn

Miranda Kahn is a paper artist, actress and puppeteer, with a special focus on shadow puppetry.  She has been inspired by companies such as Manual Cinema, who reinvigorate the ancient art of shadow puppetry with the spirit and movement of current film aesthetic, as well as artists like Kara Walker whose work demands an audience be present, involved, and to question their preconceptions.

Video Content Designer - Narae Kim


Narae Kim is a visual artist and an experimenter who creates multimedia art works and designs spaces for live performance and installation. Her recent works address the relation of memory, dreams, existence, and images. She is an MFA candidate at California Institute of the Arts, and holds a BFA in Space Design and a BA in Psychology from Ewha University, Korea. She was born and raised in Seoul, Korea.

Scenic Designer – Carlo Maghirang

Most recent notable productions include Still/Restless by Rosanna Gamson at the REDCAT, Associate Scene Designer for the premier of St. Joan of Arc: Into the Fire by David Byrne at the Public Theatre, NY, and Ocean of Milk, a performance installation presented at the Prague Quadrennial in the Czech Republic. Carlo is a California transplant from the Philippines working in installation/sculpture, event, film, and theatrical design, specializing in creating kinetic spaces.

Stage/Production Manager - Brenna Wells

Brenna Wells is a BFA 2 Stage Manager at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). She has worked on many productions at CalArts including She Kills Monsters, Top Dog/Under Dog, House of Gold, Salome, and Medea. She's also produced a web series and several other small theater pieces. She's excited to be working with such a diverse team on such a culturally centered project.